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Why Can't The Excavator Start?

The excavator cannot be started, which can be called difficult start, non-combustible, etc. It is one of the most common faults of excavators. It can be divided into two cases. 10 reasons why the excavator won't start: 1. The battery clamp is loose, which makes it difficult for the


Tips for Extending The Life of Construction Equipment

Generally, the cost of construction machinery and equipment is very high, so we must maintain the construction machinery well and extend the life of the construction machinery. In addition to minimizing the impact of harmful factors, we should also ensure normal working loads when


Excavator Construction Should Pay Attention to These Issues When Heavy Rains Occur

Summer is the season when extreme weather such as typhoons, heavy rains, and floods occur frequently. In the face of natural disasters such as extreme weather that may cause rivers to overflow, flash floods, and landslides, what response measures should excavator users take? Precau


Precautions for Long-Term Storage of Wheel Loaders

Before Storage 1. Wash every part of the machine, dry it, and store it in a dry warehouse. If the vehicle can only be stored in the open, it should be parked on a concrete surface that drains easily and covered with canvas. 2. Before storage, fill the fuel tank with oil, add grea


Engine Water Temperature Too High? The Problem Is Here!

Excessive engine water temperature is a common fault in excavators. Under normal engine operation, the water temperature is generally set between 82 and 95 °C. Excessive water temperature will affect the normal performance of engine power and shorten the service life of the engi


Few Things Should Be Done Well Before Work

1. Wear personal protective equipment Always wear a hard hat and safety shoes. When operating or maintaining machine, wear safety glasses, face shield, gloves, earplugs, and seat belt if the job requires it. Before use, check that all protective devices are functioning properly. D


How to Wash Your Heavy Equipment

We currently use the most industrial cleaners may still be in the production, may be a lot of people do not know some of our large-scale equipment also needs to be cleaned, because large-scale equipment operating time is too long, its surface will have a lot of dirt. If not cleane


Why Is Heavy Equipment Maintenance So Important?

Preventive maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your heavy equipment. Some of its benefits include reducing expenses, extending the life of your equipment, and ensuring that your company can always use more of it. Because heavy equipment maintenance can provide so


SHANTUI SE220W Excavator Has Powerful Performance for Earthmoving

Engine power: 116/2000kW/rpm Overall weight: 21,900kg Bucket capacity: 1.05m³ More efficient and environmentally-friendly Equipped with powerful and reliable WEICHAI WP7 engine, SE220W hydraulic excavator has lower fuel consumption. Imported hydraulic parts contribute to stable q


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