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United Arab Emirates Customers Visited SINOMADA Office

On June 7th, the customer service department of our company received a consultation call from an important customer. The client asked us about the supply of used pump trucks over the phone. After detailed communication, we understand the needs of customers. After knowing the custo


Cameroon Customers Visited SINOMADA Office

On May 6, 2024, Jamina Liu, one of our business staff, welcomed a valued customer from Cameroon. These customers found us through Alibaba, an e-commerce platform with which we have cooperated for a long time, and they expressed strong interest in our construction machinery products


Dominica Customer Visited SINOMADA Office

On April 24, 2024, a Dominican customer visited the Star Horse office. Previously, the customer on the phone said he wanted to discuss the product order in detail, and the SINOMADA company immediately welcomed. Afterward, the customer came to the SINOMADA office as scheduled. Duri


Mexico Customer Visited SINOMADA Office

The customer asked for the 37m pump truck in the Alibaba inquiry.,then We reported the price of SANY and XCMG to the client. The customer was more interested in XCMG, and proposed that the manager of their company would come to China to visit the factory, and gave the manager's co


Russia Customers Visited SUNWARD & SANY Factory

The customer found me on the Global Sources website and expressed that they were going to visit China. The customer hired a translator to accompany them and took them to visit Sunward Intelligent's factory. The customer was very interested in aerial work vehicles and scissor truck


UAE Customers Visited KEMER Factory

On November 21,2023, Leena Li led his customers on a factory tour and negotiation, inspecting the production process and discussing the next order. The customers were impressed with the equipment and the factory, expressing their satisfaction and interest in a new order. Leena en


Ethiopia Customer Visited SINOMADA Office

On Oct 28, my customer called me from Ethiopia and told me he will arrive in China on 5th.Nov. and in Changsha on 9th. I picked him up at Airport and drived him to hotel to take down the belongings, then we had a dinner and fun talk time. The next day morning, we arrived at our of


Russia Customers Visited EVANGEL Office

On Oct 27, we welcomed our customers from Russia in headquarter office in Shanghai. We had a meeting in the office about the forklifts and then we had delicious Chinese cuisine. After lunch, we showed off our customers to forklift factory and exhibition room and tested all the mod


Peru Customers Visited SINOMADA Office

Before the earlier of Oct, my customers told me he will attend the Canton fair and visit our company. I picked him up in airport and reserved a hotel near our company, then we had a visit around our company. After that, we had a happy dinner together. The next morning, we went dire


Russian Customer Visited EVANGEL Office and HELI & ZOOMLION Factory

My customer arrived in Shanghai on September 19. On the 20th, I took the customer to the Shanghai office and briefly introduced our company and related products. In the afternoon of the same day, we went to Kunshan to visit Heli’s warehouse. Afterwards, we took the high-speed tr


Spain & Argentina Customer Visited CAMC & FAW Factory and SINOMADA Office

My regular customers want to visit the CAMC and FAW factories. We met in Anhui on the evening of the 24th, visited the CAMC factory on the morning of the 25th, flew to Qingdao on the afternoon of the 25th, and visited the FAW factory on the morning of the 26th. The customer has ot


Cameroon Customer Visited SINOMADA Office

At the beginning of July, the customer contacted me, and after determining the product demand, on July 27, the customer came to Changsha. The customer is from Cameroon, has its own trading company in China, and wants to find a stable construction machinery supplier. At present, h


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