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SINOMADA Outdoor Team Building Day
Publication Date: 2022-11-25
On November 25th, 2022, SINOMADA started an outdoor team building activity.
It was a great day for the great outdoors. In the morning, we arrived at the Changsha West Cross-Country Club, several coaches have already been waiting. After exhorting some matters, we started first team building project — mountain off-road vehicles. Two people in one off-road vehicle, we formed a huge convoy. We practiced for fifteen minutes in the training ground and then started the exciting mountain cross-country project. Everyone put on racing suits and galloped in the mountains, forming a beautiful landscape. The uneven mountain road also made the whole process more exciting.
At noon, we followed the coach to another venue with more projects and had a hearty farm meal. After a short break, we start the second project — Live CS. All of us were divided into three teams, red, blue and green. Puting on camouflage uniforms, equipped with induction helmets and induction guns, and two thrilling rounds of live CS began. After two rounds, the blue team won the victory! Out of breath, everyone started the third project — competitive archery. Each team had ten arrows, and the one with the highest ring number wins, and the blue team won again in this project. So the blue team won the final victory! Then it's time for free activities. There were three projects for everyone to experience — jungle crossing, kayaking, and cableway sliding. Everyone who played these projects was exhausted.
The sun has set, the final event was to award the winning team, and the random selection made it more interesting. After taking the last group photo, we got on the bus back to home. The team building activity was successfully concluded.

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