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ZOOMLION ZRT700 Rough Terrain Crane | CICEE 2023
Publication Date: 2023-06-05

Hello, everyone, Good morning. this is Zoe from Sinomada. And today we are at Changsha international construction equipment exhibition CIECC 2023
Behind us, we have a zoomlion ZRT700 roughterraincrane . So I am going to walk through some key features of this machine.
ZRT700 rough terrain crane is of wide tread, high stability, a short wheelbase and a small turning radius, which is adapted to tight workspaces.  It can provide a 360° swing function。
It can be widely used in construction building sites, oil fields, warehouses, and freight yards etc., to carry out lifting work, short-distance transportation and pick-and-carry operations in narrow working areas. Let’s have a look
The Max. rated lifting capacity of the machine is 70 tons at a 2.5 m working radius - Max. lifting height: 61.4m - Max. driving speed: 40km/h  - The length is about 14 m The width is 3.3meter, and the height is 3.9m  - Deadweight: 44.3 T - And it adapts Cummins engine which is 194 KW
Thank you for your watching, see you next time

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