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RUNSHARE RL34 Telescopic Boom Lift | CICEE 2023
Publication Date: 2023-06-09

Hello everyone! This is Wynn from Sinomada.   Today, we came to the Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition CICEE 2023. Many Chinese major construction machinery brands came to the exhibition. Now, let me lead you to experience the charm of Chinese machinery.  Now we are at the booth of Runshare. Runshare was founded in 2012 and has been committed to the production of aerial work platforms for many years. Today, RUSHARE brings many different types of scissors lifts and boomlifts to attend the exhibition. Now let’s take a look together.  Now, the machine behind me is RL34. RL34 is a unit of diesel telescopic boom lift. The total weight of this machine is 18500kg. The max working height of this machine is 34m and the max platform height is 32m.  Now let’s focus on this part. This is the machine’s lower console. You can see there are many different operating modes. We can see all the function buttons and information prompts here.  Let’s look at the engine. The machine is equipped with imported Cummins engine. And the rated power is 55kw, which provides powerful power support for machine work.  OK now, let’s look at the platform. The max platform capacity is 480kg, which is equivalent to carrying 6-7 people at the same time.  That concludes my introduction today. Thank you for your listening. If you have any interest in it, please contact me directly. See you next time~

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