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SHANTUI SRD13 G Road Roller | CICEE 2023
Publication Date: 2023-06-08

Hello my friends, welcome to my video~ This is Freda from Sinomada Heavy Industry Company. We are a foreign trade construction machinery company with rich export experience.
Now we are at the 3rd Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition CICEE . This exhibition, as a newly rising world-class exhibition of construction machinery, is now on par with the three major construction machinery exhibitions in the world in terms of exhibition scale, number of visitors, number of global top 50 construction machinery exhibitors, and exhibition influence.
On-site, you can see so many machines here, very spectacular.
Today I will focus on introducing a machine to you, that is shantui roadroller SRD13-G. You can see it's a very beautiful road roller.
The operating weight of the road roller is 1300kg. This is a double drum road roller. The distributed weight of the front and rear wheels is 6500kg. The diameter of the steel wheel is 1300mm, and the compaction width is 2130mm.
Now let me introduce its engine. The engine is a Cummins F4.5, with a power of 125kW. The emission standard is National IV, without the need of adding urea. The features are a large power reserve, strong environmental adaptability, energy conservation and consumption reduction.
Next, let's look at the cab, it's equipped with a comfortable seat and air conditioner. It can make drivers more relaxed while driving. It also has a wide view. There is also a radio, display screen, USB interface and other configurations inside.
The overall length of SRD13-G is 5.1m, the width is 2.3m, and the height is 3.29m. This machine is mainly suitable for compacting asphalt and concrete pavement layers, It has a long working life and is easy to maintain.
This is the end of today's sharing. If you are interested in this machine or have other machines you want to know about, please contact me. Thanks for watching, bye~

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